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Михаил Леонтьевич Миль

Experimental Design Bureau “Rostov-Mil” OJSC was established by the famous Soviet designer Mikhail Mil. At his suggestion and in accordance with decision of the State Aviation Committee of the USSR in September 25, 1961, on the of The Rostov-On-Don Helicopter Plant’s territory the Factory P.O. Box №27 was founded in assistance for the Moscow Design Bureau. Later, by the committee’s order №176 of 30 April 1966, the factory was renamed into The Moscow Helicopter Plant branch office №2. The primary objectives of the plant were to introduce the MI-family helicopters and blades into serial production, maintenance providing and modification development according to the designer’s requirements. Ivan Potnicev was assigned as the first head of the branch office. During the course of the factory’s history there were the following persons on the head post: A.S. Volkov, M.B. Suvorov, A.M. Averin, G.A. Zubkov, I.P. Shimko. Since 2014 Nicolay Novikov has been occupying the post of director general.

The branch office №2 started its work with introducing a heavy troop-carrier helicopter MI-6A into serial production. The bureau specialists have performed the modernization of more than 15 types of helicopters basing on МI-6, МI-10, МI-24, МI-26 models. These machines were designed for search and rescue, fire-fighting, antisubmarine, electronic warfare missions and performing functions of flying command post and flying crane. Tne ex-chief designers are A.F. Novikov, P.G. Kokhan, E.M.Shinkorenko, A.K.Yermashov, S.N. Usenko, V.P.Lyashenko, C.V. Mikhailov and L.N.Tretyak. Many technical decisions of the bureau designers have the innovation status and protected by patents.  Working in parallel to special-purposed helicopters developments, the blade designers group was focused on the main rotor blades improving for enhancing the life cycle and calendar term. In cooperation with the technology service of the OJSC “Rosvertol” and the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant there was mastered the production of main rotor blades for MI-2, MI-24, MI-6, MI-26 helicopters. On the Defense Ministry request, the field maintenance and repairing mobile system «TECH-24» (ТЭЧ-24) was developed and produced by the bureau specialists and supplied to the operating companies.  


From 1975 till 1993 by the order of Świdnik Plant (Poland), “Rostov-Mil” bureau provided warranty service for MI-2 helicopters and performed alternations according to industry bulletins in all operating companies.

In 1989 The Moscow Helicopter Plant branch office №2 was renamed into the Rostov branch office of The Moscow Helicopter Plant. Aviation specialists’ skills turned out to be useful for the light industry.At the beginning of the 1990s, there were designed and produced dyeing machine (МКЭ-З-140 for pressurized colouring of fabric) and buffing machine (МН-1800 for velour and suede fabric processing). These machines are currently in service.

Under the order №147 of the State Property Committee of 28 January 1993, the Rostov Branch Office Of The Moscow Helicopter Plant was renamed into The Joint-Stock Company Of Open Type “Rostov-Mil” The Experimental Design Bureau. In 1994 the bureau started carrying out licensed and certificated maintenance of the MI-2 helicopters.

In 1997 The Joint-Stock Company Of Open Type C The Experimental Design Bureau was renamed into the Open Joint-Stock Company “Rostov-Mil” The Experimental Design Bureau (Registration Chamber Decision №780 of October 16, 1997). In 2011 the company celebrated the 50th anniversary. That year was marked with construction and testing of prototype of the MI-2M with the АI-450 engine. 157 MI-2 helicopters have been repaired by the “Rostov-Mil” bureau. The helicopters are supplied into Indonesia, Mexico, Soudan, Myanmar (Burma), Peru, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Armenia and the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, the company is looking confidently towards the future and expanding its business scope with active maintenance mastering of the MI-2 and MI-26 helicopters.

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